There are easier ways of remembering appointments

Take text messaging for instance. Reminder Time is a 2 way messaging system that allows you to remind your patients of their appointments, before they miss it and another valuable time slot is wasted.

Ways to Remind

Remind Reminder Time™ is a 2-way appointment reminder system which integrates with your Patient Administration System. Put simply it doesn’t just broadcast a message to your patient. It allows them to respond in a way that you decide. For example, Reminder Time™ can offer a choice of response to a message.

Respond Reminder Time™ is the only product on the market that offers a 2-way solution for reminders via landline. Using text-to-voice conversion your message is heard by the patient who is given a choice of simple key press responses. You get the same level of feedback whether SMS text message, landline/mobile voice message or by email.

Report Reminder Time™ allows you to keep track of responses via its auditing system. Responses are logged in real time enabling you to maintain your appointment bookings with a far greater accuracy. You can also see who has not responded, thus giving a chance to remind them again.