Reminder Time for Care Homes

There are times when friends and relatives of care home residents needs to be contacted in haste. Reminder Time 2-way text and voice messaging provides a way of sending messages worded just how you want, to them. By text or voice message, Reminder Time provides flexibility so you can reach them on either mobile or landline phones.

We can help you earn your CCG Quality Premiums

April 2013 sees the proposed CCG quality premium go before Parliament. But it is not an automatic entitlement, the £5 per patient premium is possibly going to be based on stiff targets. One thing is certain, GP practices will need to improve and maintain levels of dialogue with their patients. Reminder Time can help. With two way SMS and voice messaging, not only do you can you inform but also get feedback, responsiveness and acceptance.

Fixed Price Messaging from Reminder Time

If you are worried about your practice running costs spiralling out of control in these times of austerity, then it makes sense to be able to predict your monthly budget, especially when it comes to communicating with your patients. Reminder Time Alltime utilises your NHS net connection to provide one way messaging at just £19.95 plus VAT per month. That way you can still keep in touch with your patients and keep your costs under control.

Reminder Time one way messaging

If your practice is a user of EMIS patient administration systems you can take advantage of your NHS net email account to send free text appointment reminders before your patients are due to attend. Enjoy fixed cost messaging every month and always have the option of upgrading to 2-way messaging as and when you need to.

Reminder Time for Patient Record Access

In the Autumn Statement the Government announced that by 2015, everyone will have online access to their patient record. Key to this target, GP practices must ensure  all their patients are aware of this. Reminder Time can help you to contact your patients throughout the process.

Flu vaccination programme

Reminder Time can help you reach your targets throughout your Flu vaccination programme. Our 2-way voice and text messaging means you can reach your patient base quicker and more cheaply than just relying on postal notification or staff telephone calls.

What use is a surgery without patients

Every year £600 million is wasted because of patients missing appointments. By far the biggest contributary reason is quite simply forgetfulness.

Remind your patientbase with Reminder Time and you can easily address this issue by sending patients a text or voice message before their appointment is due.

Compared to the cost of posting letters or having staff call patients, using Reminder Time is extremely cheap and effective. Messaging is instant, and because Reminder Time has 2-way built-in, the responses usually are too.

Your patients can give you the feedback you need directly and you can update your appointment book with the confidence that fewer slots will be wasted.

Dialogue Not Monologue

Every clinical manager knows that one of the most difficult parts of running a busy clinic is managing the appointments. Keeping the diary filled and minimising the DNA’s (do not attend) is at best a juggling act.