Dialogue Not Monologue

Does your patient communication seem a bit one way?

Every clinical manager knows that one of the most difficult parts of running a busy clinic is managing the appointments. Keeping the diary filled and minimising the DNA’s (do not attend) is at best a juggling act.

About us

Remind Reminder Time™ is a 2-way appointment reminder system which integrates with your Patient Administration System (PAS). Put simply it doesn’t just broadcast a message to your patient. It allows them to respond in a way that you decide. For example, Reminder Time™ can offer a choice of response to a message.

Respond Reminder Time™ is the only product on the market that offers a 2-way solution for reminders via landline. Using text-to-voice conversion your message is heard by the patient who is given a choice of simple key press responses. You get the same level of feedback whether SMS text message, landline/mobile voice message or by email.

Report Reminder Time allows you to keep track of responses via its auditing system. Responses are logged in real time enabling you to maintain your appointment bookings with a far greater accuracy. You can also see who has not responded, thus giving a chance to remind them again.

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