Remind your clients of viewings and market new listings

Remind clients of viewing appointments and market new listings by text or voice

With Reminder Time on your side you can keep both clients and prospective buyers informed of their upcoming viewings. By using our customisable messaging you can also keep them up-to-date with new instructions or new services. Reminder Time is 2-way messaging so you can get feedback when you need it and with the flexibility of the Short Time range, there will be a product to suit your needs.

About us
  • Text messaging

    Send to mobile phones for instant broadcast straight to the people you need to reach.

  • Voice messaging

    Text-to-speech conversion lets you send the same notification as a voice message to fixed line phones.

  • 2-way communication

    2-way is standard, but you don’t have to ask for a reply. With customisable messaging its your choice . See and download responses using Reminder Time's reporting modules.