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Voice To Mobile Credits

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy more credits?

First, you should check to see if your CCG, PCG or Health Board funds SMS credits. If your CCG funded allocation has run out, or you have to purchase your own credits, you can purchase more by going to the reminder time Store to buy these online with a credit/debit card or by paypal If you have further queries with regards to your credits, you are not sure if you need to buy your own, or you would like to purchase more credits via your Direct Debit account: reminder time regularly offers our customer discounts based on your previous 1 month 3 months and annual credits usage, as well as other functions such as pill reminds, linking with health passports etc. we will also purchase back unused credits if you are leaving our products/services. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome to ensure that all of the whizz-bang features of RT all time/short time work for you.

How often do you sync data with my clinical system?

Due to the different integration requirements of clinical systems, Sync times vary and can be up to:EMIS 5 minutes, Vision – 2 minutes, SystmOne – 5 minutes . you can view the reports in real time on the reporting module and this will update as it happens Appointments booked in any hospital and or surgery are confirmed as successful or failed live at the time of booking. Patient Demographic Details- Every 7.5 hours for EMIS and Vision; TPP is dependent on the size of phonebook – it can take up to a few hours Clinical Code Filing We performance manage how often we file clinical codes to prevent performance issues on your clinical system, and due to limitations of the APIs provided to us. We recommend that it could take up to 24 hours for a clinical code to appear in a patient record.

How long do clinical codes take to file to medical records?

This depends on the clinical system and how busy our services are, as we need to queue codes to control capacity. We advise that it can take up to 24 hours for codes to file into medical records. If it has been longer than this then you should contact Support to investigate why codes have not been filed as expected. To ensure a nuanced approach to security access, we have several levels of access roles than can be set.

How do I make changes to my user account / change my password?

Go to Setting on the left hand menu -> User Manager -> Click edit next to your account. On the following ‘Edit Staff’ page change your personal data and confirm your entries by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

How do I remove a user?

This can only be done by Site Admins. Go to Settings on the left hand menu -> User Manager -> click Delete next to the account you would like to remove. Confirm the deletion when you see the confirmation screen.

How do I change when appointment reminders will be sent?

You can send up to two appointment reminders to a patient. To change the frequency of when patient’s receive appointment reminders, you can go to Settings on the left hand menu -> Reminder Frequency. Make the desired changes and click Save. If you are not sure what you should set, you speak with our Support team.

How do I change the appointment / or speciality messages reminder template?

You can change the template of the Appointment Reminder sent to patients by going to Settings on the left hand menu -> Reminder Template You can change the content of the message by editing this within the text box displayed. Smart Fields can be clicked on to merge information into the template. When you are happy with your changes, click Save.

How long can a message be?

Each SMS part (Credit) can be up to 160 characters (including spaces and punctuation). Parts are usually combined into a longer message – you don’t tend to see this on modern smart-phones, but they are sent separately by the mobile network and they are automatically combined back together on the device. Adjust the Maximum Message Length as required. You will want to consider this is set to an amount where you can still send manageable length messages. however please note that the customer or patient receiving the message is also able to inform and carry on the conversation and place this back into the back end customer admin system or PAS

How do I opt out a patient from receiving text messages?

To opt a patient out of receiving text messages, go to Patients on the left hand menu. Search for the patient using their name, ID number, or NHS Number. Click the edit button next to the patient you wish to make changes to. Select the Opt Out button. Click Save. The patient will now no longer receive messages from Connect.

REMINDERTIME and Data Protection Act 2018 Compliant?

We have worked very closely with our legal team to put everything in place to ensure that all services from REMINDER TIME are compliant with current Data Security & Protection (IG) requirements. After processing any messages within our secure systems (hosted within N3 and with Microsoft azure for non healthcare applications ), we send messages to our mobile network partner, aql, via a secure VPN connection. all our messages use 2 way or 3 way communication are then received by patients via the SMS system. REMINDER TIME, uses digitised speech for all voice messages with a translation algorithm along with a translation service back into the back end database and/or PAS system.

How long does it take for a cancelled appointment to be available to book?

Once an appointment is cancelled via the appointment reminder text message, or by the reminder time app, it is cancelled within seconds within the clinical system.This is then available to book immediately by your staff. The appointment will be available to book within reminder time all time after the next sync. in 10 minutes

How do I add a new user to Connect?

Site Admins have the ability to add new users. Go to the Settings options on the left hand menu -> select User Manager, and select the ‘Add New’ button. This will lead you to the ‘Add User’ page where you can enter the person’s contact details, user name, and define their level of authorisation for the PCM service (i.e. User or Site Admin). Clicking the ‘Save’ button will save the new user. They will be sent an invite email with a temporary password they can use to access Connect. You should regularly ensure that the list of users for Connect is managed to remove any users who no longer work at your organisation or should no longer have access.

How do I change the details of another user?

This can only be done by Site Admins. Go to Settings on the left hand menu -> User Manager -> click Edit next to the account you would like to change. On the following ‘Edit Staff’ page make the changes you need and confirm your entries by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

If a message fails to be delivered, will anything be coded to the patient’s medical record?

At this time, if a message fails to deliver, no clinical codes will be filed to the patient’s medical record.

Who is notified when a patient replies to a message?

When a patient replies to a Campaign you have sent, you will be sent an email notification of this response. All messages sent to your practice will also be available in the Inbox within Connect.

How do I setup a Message Template?

Templates allow you to re-use the same message content across multiple Campaigns. just save them for each campaign or outbound message or voice call you wish to distribute You can add a new message template by going to new template on the left hand menu -> Templates. Click on the Add New button and follow the on-screen prompts. Click Save when you’re done.

How do I send a message or Campaign?

Go to our video shows to show you how easy it is to add patients/customers, or to delete them or to ensure that they are fully compliant receiving text and voice reminders we can offer remote or inhouse training courses to achieve this, if you prefer

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