Reminder time can also provide the following services in addition to the purchased packages.

  • Automatic translation of your message or information into a language better understood by the recipient.
  • Installation and Training. Reminder time is designed to be easy and quick to install and use, but if you feel you need additional help, get in touch via Contact us.
  • Tailoring of the system to meet specific needs (This is rarely necessary as Reminder time is┬ácompatible with all commonly used database systems)
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Remindertime One Way Messages

So What are the benefits?

Here in Reminder Time we know how stressing and tiring they can be.

1-Way Text Message
2-Way Text Message
3-Way Text Message
1-Way Voice Message
2-Way Voice Message
3-Way Voice Message

Remindertime Secure Messaging

How do we keep your reminders safe? All our integrated systems which generate PINs which are sent to patients and are used to view their reminders follow a complex algorithm to ensure these numbers are closely monitored and changed if necessary.

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